About Me

I’m Ethan Bishop, Over the years I have been very into building and tinkering, I would use and take apart anything I could get my hands. I have made catapults, workbenches, tables out of reclaimed pallets, but I’ve found myself to be most passionate about Furniture. I love the use of wood as a medium due to its amazing and interesting properties Since no two pieces of wood are the same it always creates a truly unique and beautiful piece of furniture. My favorite styles are modern, craftsman, 18th Century and Shaker. I would love to work with you and make your vision a reality.

My Shop is located in Northern Wilmington, and I have been creating custom pieces of furniture for over 6 years. My second passion next to woodworking is restoring vintage American Made Machinery, which I then use in all of my work!


My Services

I build my furniture and products to the highest of quality standards. All solid wood construction, fine joinery, and strong finishes are essential for an heirloom quality piece. Don’t know what that means? It means your piece will be built to last a lifetime with care taken every step of the way.

Finished to Perfection

I take great pride in being sure that every piece is finished to perfection. I will not let a piece leave my shop until I am completely satisfied with it.

High Quality Craftsmanship

I take great pride in my shop and workspace. I love collecting and restoring older industrial quality machinery to top-notch working order. Quality tools and a passion for furniture making make it easy for me to achieve your vision.

Check In At Any Time

Questions about your project? Want to see the progress and make sure it matches your vision? Just ask, it’s your project and I’m building it for you!


My Work and Projects

I believe it is best to let some of my work speak for itself. Examples show just about any type of furniture you could imagine, and I look forward to adding yours to the list!


Contact Me

If you have a great project idea, I want to work with you.